One of the most frequently asked questions when discussing a remodel job is “how long will this take? This is sometimes even more important to clients than the other big question; “how much will it cost?” Although the two questions are related, let’s talk about time.

While the question of time depends on the job, there are several factors to consider.  Remodeling a home usually involves a bit of mystery; you can’t always predict what might be behind the walls, or the quality of work that was done in the past (perhaps a fun article in the future might be some of the surprises we’ve found).  For brevity’s sake, I’ll touch on just a few factors here.

Accessibility: Easy access might seem rudimentary, but it’s the first step.  In Big Bear, most of our work is on second, or vacation homes, and so we sometimes wait for keys, alarm codes, access to utilities, etc.. Other access issues involve the ability to get workers, tools, and equipment close to the job.  Stairs, long driveways, dirt roads, and weather conditions are just some of the considerations that effect time schedules here in Big Bear. In more metropolitan areas like Newport Beach, parking and local ordinances can be factors. In all areas, work in primary homes can involve special procedures so as not to infringe too much on resident’s quality of living while the work is taking place.

Preparation: Remodel work is quite different from other construction work in that it’s done on existing homes.  Furniture, carpeting, cabinetry, decorations, and other personal items must be protected with tarps, plastic, masking tape & paper. Besides adding to the cost of the job, these tasks can take considerable time; sometimes more than the described job.  In addition, special procedures are required by law in older homes, as in recent EPA lead paint handling rules.

Choice and availability of materials: Quality, price, and availability of materials have improved dramatically in the many years we’ve been remodeling homes here in Big Bear.  Still, selection of finish items like cabinetry, tile, granite, kitchen and bath fixtures, floor coverings, lighting, and others depend on choices and desires of the client.  Coordination, selection, and delivery of these are frequently a major factor in completion of the job.  While these are many times finishing touches, it’s important to know what the finish items are at the beginning of the job.

Scheduling: If your contractor is good, he will usually have jobs running concurrently.  Your job may be dove-tailed in with others to make the best use of resources like tools, equipment, and crews.  To be done efficiently, remodel work requires crews with a variety of specialty trade skills; coordinating a multitude of specialty sub-contractors can be costly and time consuming.  This may be factored into the competitive contract price given.  Small delays in one area of a job can quickly escalate into bigger delays and higher costs for your contractor.

These are just a few of the many factors that can effect the finish time on a remodel job.  On anything larger than a quick handyman job, your contractor will most likely give you a one or two week window, stated such as “if all goes according to plan . . . “.  Realistically, the longer your contractor takes on your job, the less profit he is making. Unrealistic initial estimates can be quite costly for you and for your contractor. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

When you call Licensed Home Improvement you will have the advantage of efficiency, resulting from experienced estimating, experienced crews, and quality work.  We’re clean, we’re fast, and we show up to get the job done!  We appreciate the opportunity to bid on your job; you may be surprised with how competitive we can be!

Michael Beveridge (909) 262-9111


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